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The Last Standard Bearer by Justin Usher

The Last Standard Bearer by Justin Usher
Artist: Justin Usher
Discovered By: Hölpenköster

Additional Info from Hölpenköster:

After the rain of arrows, and a storm of pained cries, a deathly calm fell around him. He sank to his knees, trying desperately not to notice the shafts lodged in his shoulder, or his dead brothers around him. He placed all his focus on holding high the standard of his home. The sun lowered between the peaks, and the soldier wept bitter tears, knowing that his nation would not see another day of peace under the sun, a sun which was emblazoned on the flag he now struggled to keep aloft. As the enemy approached, he steeled himself, hoping that whatever god had forsaken him on the earth would welcome him in the afterlife.

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 Hölpenköster captioned: The Last Standard Bearer 4 years ago
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