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Leopard Art by Bullseye

Leopard Art by Bullseye
Artist: Bullseye
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JerseyGirl commented: These art works are very interesting.  Is this some sort of program where you take a picture and take the color out or something.  I really like B&W images that is why I ask.  I've never seen anything like this. Great Job however you achieve this 😊 2 years ago
Bullseye commented: Hello! No, the color isn't taken out (it's like you draw something and you don't color your drawing, you leave it as it is). I use Photoshop to realize those pencil drawings. 2 years ago
cdd commented: You are likely using a Photoshop filter to create these (, saying you "draw" them is quite misleading if all you are doing is just applying a filter. 2 years ago
Bullseye commented: It's not about applying a filter. It was too easy to do that. 2 years ago
Bullseye commented: Only a filter, right? 2 years ago
Bullseye commented: To make an idea about those drawings. 2 years ago
Bullseye commented: And if you aren't content with my drawings, I'll stop posting them. No problem. Maybe they'll be more appreciated somewhere else. 2 years ago
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