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Archer & Armstrong Art

Archer & Armstrong Art
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Additional Info from TorinoGT:

Archer & Armstrong are the title characters of the comic book series published by Valiant Comics.

Archer & Armstrong featured writing and art by comics creator Barry Windsor-Smith. After video game publisher Acclaim Entertainment purchased the rights to the Valiant Character Catalog for $65 million in 1994, the characters continued to appear in many Valiant titles, most prominently in the Eternal Warriors series. Acclaim then rebooted the Archer & Armstrong characters to make them more easily adaptable to video games. Valiant Entertainment is the current owner of the Valiant catalog including Archer & Armstrong.

Archer & Armstrong has been called "The best buddy team book of all time." by Ain't It Cool News, and "Superhero buddy book of the decade" by Wizard Magazine. Ain't It Cool News also said that "Not since Batman & Robin has a more important duo hit the comic world."

In 2008, Valiant released a deluxe hardcover of the Archer & Armstrongorigin story, entitled Archer & Armstrong: First Impressions. The hardcover was later named one of the top ten graphic novels of 2008 by Diamond Comic Distributors and one of the best of 2008 by Ain't It Cool News.

Valiant Entertainment began publishing a new ongoing Archer & Armstrong comic series in August 2012, written by Fred Van Lente and illustrated by Clayton Henry.

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