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Little Mary Mixup Art

Little Mary Mixup Art
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Additional Info from TorinoGT:

Little Mary Mixup was an American comic strip drawn by Robert Moore Brinkerhoff. It was distributed by United Features Syndicate from 1917-1956. At first, it was a simple gag-a-day strip featuring a mischievous nine-year-old girl. However, Mary aged very slowly over time, and by World War II, she was an adventurous teenager who could participate in the war. By then, Little Mary Mixup had developed from a gag strip into an adventure strip that involved kidnappers, crooks, and a treasure hunt. However, the Sunday strips were separated from the daily continuity and continued to feature simple gags. The strip only appeared in 143 newspapers, mostly minor ones. The strip ended in 1956, when Brinkerhoff retired.

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