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Great Art!!!

Hell yeah 😀

I love the Assassin characters. I enjoy the horrific impact, and the slow toying with the victim



So blurry lol

is ai?

so cute!!! I like it 😍

I seriously suggest everyone here to go check out "Kizu" they're probably one of the most unique bands currently in Jrock music. thats why I thought this collaboration between artists from two different worlds was really interesting to see 

yep she's absolutely one of the best to me. Definitely one of my favorite rising artists to come out of the digital art scene as of late  

beautiful 😻 

I'm was surprised to see Visual Kei art I thought that music scene was dead ☠️ 

Who is this? from a Visual Kei band??????????? This is a real person? 🥵 



Sorry I had to reupload Layla's art again because I mispelled the name also his handle for anyone curios 🥶➡️  @kz_by  the bassist for "Kizu" it's a Jrock band))) 


Good lord, this guy is hot! i started listening to kizu when I saw this the other day on Instagram! I wonder how this artist can draw really handsome men like this omg



Thanks ^_^

G O R G E O U S !!!!!!!!!


Thanks ^_^