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Striking illustration ⚡️

tiddies only hang around (and further with age)...It's the eyes which house all the magick. wink

Nice Tiddies!

Thank you!!!  Conceptual background made of brushed metal overlayed on top of black rock. 

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!

Beautiful Eyes and Soft, Fair and Lovely♥

The backdrop on this is Fabulous, waterfall, trees, very nicely done.

Love the shading of this one.  Very Beautiful 

pretty smiley



Thank you!!! laugh 

I've only been carrying this idea for twenty some years now.  Figured it was time for it to come to a final fruition. yes

Twenty years ago a traditional art version of this piece hung in a gallery in the metro regions.  If you look into certain areas of the piece there are all sorts of hidden things in it.  The whole piece has a socially conscientious message behind it to begin with, but then I got a bit playful also.  Revisiting my older life.  Used hide things in my arts all the time...only way the could be expressed without too much controversy. cheeky

Cute with happiness or is it content expression

This One is Very Lovely, Nice Job yes

Oh Wow...This is So Coool and Simply Amazing, OUTSTANDING JOB!!!!!!!!!  I L♥ve it DM.

The Colors, the Flow, Totally Together!!!!!!!!!

fav..+1.. smiley

Thank you kindly!!! laugh



Of course you nailed the eyes and lips yes  Great Necklace too.  Love the long tressels smiley

Nice Job! 

Thank you very much!!!  laugh

That sounds like what I have been aiming towards.  yes

 I like realism, but donot wish it for my arts...would rather stick to some form of surrealism.  smiley

If I want to see reality, I could simply hit the streets and see real folks. wink

The nose, the shading on her face,  her lips and of course the eyes and  hair all verry realistic but still has that artistic touch. Beautiful


It is deffinitely headed more that that is good or bad I still have to decide.  Don't wanna lose my style in the persuit!!! wink

I think I found the word I was looking for to describe this piece "Realistic"!

Thank you again!!! laugh 

I had to push myself pretty hard with the I was loosing patience while still trying to get back onto my "A" game. Art is still givin it to me a bit rough...something I am missing.  But when I find it there should be another growth spurt to my arts. smiley  If it presents a fight...the fish is usually worth catching!!! wink

Really A Great Piece of Art, Love it!heart


Thank you!!! laugh

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