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Nice Work



There's always time for a party 👍


Love this Wiccan, Witch, Halloween Yeah 👊


Love it!


haha awesome idea!😄

I have some Infinity miniatures, and this paint scheme would make them really stand out on the table top, as well as in my display cabinets😃

To be perfectly honest, the Black Panther has always been one of my favourite Marvel Comics Characters. 

Are these pictures from Tarot Cards? 

That's too bad he passed😟


The sans Icon was only temporary until I could find a new  how do like it

These images are delightful but I still think your avatar is scary lol🙂


Batwoman has become one of the deepest, yet most troubled members of the Bat Family. She is such an amazing character, and I've come to find her utterly compelling over the years, as her personality has been peeled away, layer by layer, like an onion, revealing true depth and strength.She's had her ups and downs with other members of the Bat Family, yet still stands out as one of the strongest female characters in DC Comics in my eyes.

I can' stop think she is Reimu

Coooool ~ Heart on Fire ~ Beautiful



this is a long time favorite and I STILL want to know where to get her crown'/headpiece, tiara 

this is beautiful and intriguing and just wonderful 


SHODAN from the video game System Shock.

One of my favourites from Your Name.

Natasha Romanov is the same physical age as Captain America, yet keeps her youth and vitality due to the Soviet version of the Super Soldier serum that made Captain America the man he is today.