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Dope Colourful

Amazing art.Love it !!!

Is it just my aging eyesight, or does this look like Nightwing (Dick Grayson, Batman's first Robin protoge) taking on the police?

I know during the 52 event, Nightwing became a part-time criminal at one point, before later becoming the next Batman after the Battle For The Cowl storyline.

rocking pix


Nice , I love it

Awesome...+1f...what a passage....

Wow, nice! smiley

Is this Slave 2, the craft Boba Fett replaced Slave 1 with after escaping the Sarlacc Pit? I read the book, "Tales From Jabba's Palace", and there's no actual description of Slave 2, just that Fett had a new ship to replace Slave 1.

Muy bueno

Angel of Despair 


@Melissa517 haha awesome, yes this art is phenomenal!
yeah Alien and Aliens are awesome movies, if you're into gaming did you tried playing Alien Isolation (First-Person Survival)? It's one of the best games I've played.

This is one of my all time go to flick of all time.  I am almost obessed with it.  I have created a ship albeit a virtual Klingon Science Space and weather station named after the NoS.  What an awesome work of pure art this is.  

like it wink

Howl's Moving Castle truly is one of my favorite movies of all time. I had not seen much Studio Ghibli before, and the amount of character in this movie is just astounding.

I Love this one too! I've seen this one more than once. Very Cool!

Magically Beautiful

That's not art. THAT'S MAGIC.

Awesome looking Reaper yes


Amazing, absolutely amazing . . . . . .

Thank you smiley

Great color


Rex is my favorite, nice upload my friend yes

Thanks man

i'm using it as my desktop wallpaper. awesome work!

  • This absolutely gorgeous!
  • For one, my Birthday is October 10 and every year at that time the leaves are turned to fall colors,
  • for two , how beautiful you have the hues of golds, reds and browns,
  • for 3 you encorporated the Windows theme for the ground covering! You are awesome!