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nice workyes

Nice Work yes

Great Job & You're Welcome wink

Thank you!!! frownlaugh  The background is from a new app that I've been playing around with.  I got it to add an element of spontenaiety to the works.

Fabulous Work!

Excellent Steampunk Image yes

The Background Heightens the facial features and hair.  She has a longing look with her eyes and mouth.  Nicely Done My Friendyes


like this one too

Simply Beautiful



me too


No perfection...Just a decent effort.  Thank you!!! laugh

GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!  I see Perfection Here yes  Well done♥

Wow Great!

Awesome work, love your Boar artwork.I added it to a public blog post on a publication I founded. Located on Medium! I thought it would be cool to add to a poem I wrote.

Hope you don't mind. Let me know if it's okay with you.

"Boar the sharp pains" - By me, Tyler Garrett 


Thank U so much smiley




Thank You!!! laugh

Her eyes are amazing!!!

Fair and Sweet Looking; Very Delicate and Nicely Done smiley


Oh how I wished that were true...I'm simply doing my best everyday.  But Thank You so very much!!! laugh