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i thought you might like it stevie!

and you have now named it, i fixed that.

glad you like it so much!

Thank you so much, and yes I like him very much so. Thanks my dear friend for letting me name the wallpaper. laugh

This wall is mine now, lol laugh

This is GREAT!!!!!!!!! Nice gift for Stevie

Thanks to the author WolfRoad for their awesome creationyes Click on the authors name above the wallpaper for a link.smiley Sorry Zach but the name has been changed to what the author named it.

Wooow ! I noticed the name of the wallpaper is lonewolf, so if this is me than I must say that I'm a handsome wolf, lol. I love the marking on my eye and the color of my eyes. I would be honoured if I could name it, Lonewolf, Forever Serching.

Thanks my friend his awesome and my new CD. F+1D smiley

THATS WHAT IM TALKING BOUT ! 11/10 yesyesyes You have lonewolf's seal of approval.