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Most recent comments on this art:

i thought you might like it stevie!

and you have now named it, i fixed that.

glad you like it so much!

Thank you so much, and yes I like him very much so. Thanks my dear friend for letting me name the wallpaper. 😃

This wall is mine now, lol 😃

This is GREAT!!!!!!!!! Nice gift for Stevie

Thanks to the author WolfRoad for their awesome creation👍 Click on the authors name above the wallpaper for a link.🙂 Sorry Zach but the name has been changed to what the author named it.

Wooow ! I noticed the name of the wallpaper is lonewolf, so if this is me than I must say that I'm a handsome wolf, lol. I love the marking on my eye and the color of my eyes. I would be honoured if I could name it, Lonewolf, Forever Serching.

Thanks my friend his awesome and my new CD. F+1D 🙂

THATS WHAT IM TALKING BOUT ! 11/10 👍👍👍 You have lonewolf's seal of approval.