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I thought this one was absolutely hilarious. The show this person came from is full of gore caused by him, so to see him like this is pretty spectacular.

Look at this craziness! Link on a motorcycle! I am silently flipping out right now.

Thats what scares me.

I am not the maker. The maker is here


Я не производитель. Производитель здесь

So THIS is your first submission! Oops, I put a comment on the second one (deleted). My bad!

Still! Congrats!

I guess this is why I am left-handed.



So this is where your profile pic came from!

I used this to make a "Happy 10-ish Year Anniversary" wallpaper. (It's pretty great for my first time using a photo editor)

If my Additional info section is too funny, let me know. I am more than willing to make it boring, or not put anything there in the first place.