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Those ladies are fantastic!! And their ride, well...they're the creepiest crowd control I've ever seen!! f+1


Very pretty! +1FD

Love this one! fav+1

fav+1 I like this laugh

That kingdom had bbq ribs!! Awesome wall! fav+1

I love this wp! fav+1

Magnificent dragon! fav+1d

I do like this! +1F

Fantastic image! fav+1

Fantastic image! fav+1

Wonderful image! fav+1

Wow! Love this one! Thanks for sharing!! fav+1



Beautiful and dark...awesome! f+1d

She looks almost too cute to be a hunter or warrior laugh I like it, thumbs up from me!! fav+1

I like this one!!!

Incredible splash of color in the forest...beautiful gypsy girl! fav+1d

Truly wonderful!! fav+1

Love the tat! fav+1

Johnny Cash comes to mind...LOL Awesome image! +1f

Very beautiful! +1FD

Fantastic!!! fav+1


I like it! +1fd


She is magnificent!! +1F

Fantastic! +1F

Agree with LW