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Fav+1D She's beautiful, would love to see her fly, seeing that her wings are attached to her butt 😃

Magnificent colors, makes me smile ❤️

Very sensual profile! Great b/w image! +1fd

Gorgeous colors!  Looks awesome enlarged! +1fd

WOW!  She's bada$$!!

He's fantastic! +1FD


She's beautiful!!

Wonderful image!

Beautiful image! +1FD

Love it!!❤️

Love this one, awesome image! 1fd

Beautiful! 1fd

Really love this one, too! +1FD

Gorgeous image! +1FD


Looks like a genie 😃

She doesn't look too happy in the mirror 🙂   Awesome!! +1F

Beautiful dragons!! +1F

LOL she sure does 😃

Sweet! +1F


Sweet!! Love this one 🙂 +1F

Gorgeous!! +1F

Awesome image, too bad it's so small!!!

Awesome!! +1f

V Nice! +1F

Sweet! +1F

Beautiful! +1F

Awesome! +1FD