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Howl's Moving Castle truly is one of my favorite movies of all time. I had not seen much Studio Ghibli before, and the amount of character in this movie is just astounding.

Barely hanging on laugh

I honestly can't believe that I haven't seen this movie yet. I know it did not receive the best reviews, but I loved the book at a kid. Should I go out of my way to rent/buy it?

Quite the cute cat laugh

I just absolutely LOVE Black Rock Shooter wallpapers. Thanks for all the great uploads laugh

Love it!

I love floating landmasses laugh

So pretty laugh


Love it!

Wonderful wallpaper! laugh

Seriously awesome wallpaper. I love all the reptile wallpapers.

I had to look up Mallett because I was sure that was a corvette - and sure enough it's a modified one. smiley

Love it laugh

Absolutely stunning! My new wallpaper laugh

I'd love it if this movie ended up being good. I'm scared though sad

I love how imaginative Pokemon lets you be smiley

I love all of this art laugh

Love this!

Love it smiley

Love it. I'd be happy to find both the crystal and the little crystal-gecko guys.

A classic Disney movie. I remember playing the Super Nintendo game for Aladdin, and boy was that a hard game.

I would totally buy a game that took place in a keyboard smiley

Love the propoganda poster!

I am officially in love with this piece.

Very cool piece. Love the power in the image.

Yeah, The Wind Rises is an anime movie that isn't yet released here in the U.S. I'm looking forward to it smiley

Agreed lonewolf. There are a lot of fun details in this one.

Love it!

I'm a big fan of purple too laugh A pretty and relaxing color.