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truly magnificent. i love that kid =D if i where him, i would ran of home to mom. very good. fav + 1 good jobb friend. ^_^

hmm, lovly picture you got there, it gave my eye something to watch. and how you got the tails get me the most, wonderfull pic. fav and 1+

darkness only revie them self for them who set light in the world.

haha 😃

this one is funny.

and still taking.

it gives a new view on red riding hood.

fav and 1+


"where are we going?" he ask. "i'm going to show you a wonderfull thing" he said. "what? what is it? don't keep secrets from me" he said and started to run. "you'll see" he said and run after the little boy.

what ancient power lies within that dragon. for me it seamse that the dragon is on a long trip to a far distend land (ops, sry for bad english)

what a strong, destructive and deep...what is the word... hmm, yes!... POWER!! you can almost feel the pain in the picture. > 😃

what a wonderfull monster-dragon. if it was i who stand infront of that thing, i would shit my @ss seamse that the monster-dragon is feeding on fear. ^^ 1+ fav

oh yes! wonderfull picture. amazing rage that dragon have, he seamce to be piss-off on somebody. fav + 1

very good picture, and a wonderfull fighting spirit. fav + 1. have a good day. =D