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..this is soo funny !LOL! FAV!1+

Wow-what a great artwork! perfectly made !

great! I love that stuff!


this is really one of the best " Fantasy-pieces" ever! (and I know a lot!) EPIC! GREAT! well done!

Hey,that`s what I like to see and download! Great Stevie!!

great! awesome! more!

B.D.F.R. FAV ! xyz ***

I suppose it`s Cameron Diaz as Jeannie....

I am sure,that we have a lot of things in common,Stevie! Thanks for your enthusiastic comments!

I think the real name of this artist ( pseudo: noah-kh at deviantArt) is Hong Kuang.....

Thank you so much Stevie for your interest and appreciation of my works!!! (Do you wanna buy it? LOL!)

dear friend,you can see in that piece what you want,for me it is just an expressive,abstract eruption...( I`m glad you like it-thanks!)

this piece is a replica from an egyption original,the others are created in the baroque era....they wanted to create in an "egyptian style"!

thanx for your FAVs of my paintings-this work of you is really creepy-I like it!Bernd

+1*FAV! great!

that`s great! I love it!  very good artwork! 1+*FAV!

Really Very funny!! L/M/F/A/O !! 1+*FAV!

good Photo! *!1+Fav

Cool and quiet-very nice picture! 1+*FAV!

"Extraordinary!!" Stunning! 1*+FAV!

fantastic! I love it !

Hi VAM-great contribution to my collection of skulls and Mr.DEATH!  thanks!

great ARTwork! +1*FAV!

this pic refers to the painting of Vincent Van Gogh "the starry night" ! Great! good idea! 1+*Fav!

Hi witchy-
    I collected many very good fractals from AD,but this is a very special one....1+*Fav!

oh my goodness!-is that good! !1+*FAV

Yes-I like it! *1Fav!

fantastic!-excellent! +1Fav!

That`s not disgusting,it is elegant and decadent! I prefer this! 1+*Fav!