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I think this is my pick from them all! Just a great use of colors.You have out done yourself with these latest ones!

Very lovely!

I love this one!! Elegant!

She's amazing! 

WOW! What a beauitful combo of color! Very nice!


Just love it! Colors are bold and sincere . Bravo!


Thought you might like that! Thanks for all the fav & Comments!  

I l0ve John Snow! Great pic!

Thank you,lonewolf6738, for all the comments. Glad you like them.

This one is captivating. I can't stop looking at it. Fav.

Thanks for all your comments. 

Thank you!! My grandmother was Roma, so I really love thing about the old days of Gypsy's.

Love it! 

Thank you, lonewolf. Collecting these are one of my fav things to do! 

Thank you very much!

Very nice. 

Beautiful colors!

Wow, I love it.

She's great.

i love her light bright colors

she's classic

very pretty faces

beautiful greens

never seen this one  nice.

love it in blue

very nice


Love it!