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C'est vraiment fantastique!

Oh Wow laugh

και ειπεν αυτοις ο αγγελος μη φοβεισθε ιδου γαρ ευαγγελιζομαι υμιν χαραν μεγαλην ητις εσται παντι τω λαω...angelenlightened

Freaking Righteous!

Nice, but Tony 'smoke' Stewart rulz laugh

Have to is sword art online. smiley

Eclipse Phase is a science fiction horror  pen & paper role-playing game with transhumanist themes.

This one gives me headache laugh

Nice!!! laugh

The Witcher smiley


Sweeeeeet, never seen this one before. Dude, the city is killerwink

I just uploaded this 1 hour ago wink


This might be Pokemon, but I am not sure?

Niiiiize! My fav movie laugh

Stalker Online

This should be: Video Game-Diablo

"In a brilliant display of mother nature's
 awesome strength the forest will undergo a
 Transformation before our eyes. With a
 single flash of lightning the fires of change
 will begin to burn and a circle of life will be
 put into motion. In that instant maturity will
 once again become youth. As the rains fall
 from the sky to quench the smoldering
 embers, from death new life will spring

....................................-- Jesse Barnes

Awesome laugh

a lot clearer at this resolution smiley

Hah, this one is on the moral line I think smiley  Technically, no skin is showing. But it is the pose I am not sure about. I agree with Mishi, I get confused trying to decide where to put 'on the line' artworks laugh .

Kewl laugh

This should be: Video Game-Guild Wars


Left 4 Dead

Dead De Sound

Wicked, yet touching smiley