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😉Very Astonishing

this Peace Rocks Hard

Great Artistic Work

👍Everything Works here,!

Flawess-The Best Ever

A very Nice piece of art 

Cool, Reminds Me of The Movie The Grudge,I LIke This

A Lost Princess Looking For Her Way,It Rocks.

😃Just think for a second awesome charecter,but Reminds of a Samuel Jackson Figure,💡Brilliant

True art not a Need For Words,Just Timeless Pieces That Ought to be Preserved and In a Gallery

This Piece of art deserves to be in a frame,Yes Yes Yes


The Greatest Name For Him,The Bone Warrior💡

Is there anyway you can create a story for this! Please

👍👍👍Jst Had to give the triple thumbs up, so marvelous

😎️This piece tell's a true story,! Definately you ought to write a chapter in the comic book with this piece!

This one takes the cake! Please Let me see more of this,stuff,👍


😛Magnificant Pencil Work

👍Now this is how real art is done, Awesome! Makes my day when I see drawings like these👍

What I Really Like about this piece,is that it really looks like the real dragon I seen in the

heavens one day@! Superb

Love the contrast, and colors,very moving pieace👍


Simply Magnificant

Love the colors and textures

I Just Have to Recoment On This Piece,It  is Just Overwhelmingly Awesome!
 Do more like this

True Astonishing Beauty

Great Colors and Textures,

Just An Outstanding Piece