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winkVery Astonishing

this Peace Rocks Hard

Great Artistic Work

yesEverything Works here,!

Flawess-The Best Ever

A very Nice piece of art 

Cool, Reminds Me of The Movie The Grudge,I LIke This

A Lost Princess Looking For Her Way,It Rocks.

laughJust think for a second awesome charecter,but Reminds of a Samuel Jackson Figure,enlightenedBrilliant

True art not a Need For Words,Just Timeless Pieces That Ought to be Preserved and In a Gallery

This Piece of art deserves to be in a frame,Yes Yes Yes


The Greatest Name For Him,The Bone Warriorenlightened

Is there anyway you can create a story for this! Please

yesyesyesJst Had to give the triple thumbs up, so marvelous

coolThis piece tell's a true story,! Definately you ought to write a chapter in the comic book with this piece!

This one takes the cake! Please Let me see more of this,stuff,yes


cheekyMagnificant Pencil Work

yesNow this is how real art is done, Awesome! Makes my day when I see drawings like theseyes

What I Really Like about this piece,is that it really looks like the real dragon I seen in the

heavens one day@! Superb

Love the contrast, and colors,very moving pieaceyes


Simply Magnificant

Love the colors and textures

I Just Have to Recoment On This Piece,It  is Just Overwhelmingly Awesome!
 Do more like this

True Astonishing Beauty

Great Colors and Textures,

Just An Outstanding Piece