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Wolf, I also love this one.  It's the ultimate of dreams, right?? 

The child is frightened of the boogey man.  All of us have lived this nightmare at one time or another.  I wish I could hug him and scare away his monsters...Great Concept!!

Oh she is sooo sad.  The artist has captured the essence of heartbreak here.  Nice job!!!

Spooky to be sure...walking safely into the jaws of impending doom.  I wish to congratulate the creator for a job well done!!!

One of my favs...captioned it "After the Storm"  Nice work!!!

I like this gal.  She stands with assurance of grace, even if she is dressed casual at best.  The crowning touch is the hanging suspenders.  Fantastic pix here.  I would love comments on my opinions....

HMMM.... Somewhere utopia became a mix of wherever or whatever, it would seem..The artist has captured that essence remarkably well.  I would like to find this remarkable balance in life,  Perhaps I will...
Very nice job, thanks!

OHHH!  I want to go there!!!  Don't remember where or when but I know this is a place found maybe within the hearts of loving souls.  Somewhere...thank you!!!

The art represents a lost soul.  Jim Hendrix captured the essence of freedom to die.  And he did, much to the dismay of countless fans.  I guess you had to be there.....!  Nice job , thank you...

The princess dreams of a free world where she may be free from her binds.  Nice work!

Primevil imagery here!  See her threatening eyes!!!  Congrats on a great piece if work!!!

OH SWEET CLUTTER!  Thy name is mine!  She muses amid chaos and loves it!  Such clarity of design belongs to the artist of this charming image!  Thank you!!!

This image is both reverent and scary.  Buildings can hardly speak for themselves...until now.

This image makes me want to investigate the area.  Real talent here.  I can only admire and regret that I cannot enter the scene.

Love the old world quality of this one.  Thanks

Love "Year of the Dragon".

Finally a fully clothed woman warrier.  Like this alot.  Thanks