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Thnx 4 all the Lovely comments! I get most of my art off of google+. They should like a submit ur Anime RolePlay charcter profile here on Alphacoders. smiley

Thnx! XD

yes the 3the season is finallly out! XD

Thnx wink

Thnx! XD'll be uploading some Pandora Hearts art.heart

Thnx smiley Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) is coming out with a third season Can't wait! XD First 2 seasons r on Netflix.

+Rainshine It looks like a Dragon Scyth.. smiley

I liked that movie.

Dragons R Awsome! 

That's beautiful! Love it. smiley

wow this looks like something out of silent hill. lol

That is wicked! i love it. smiley


I like that! Can't get any better. smiley

OMG I Love Rena Ryuguu! She's so cute. "I'm taking her home with me"! laugh

Nice pic. love it. smiley

Hey it's the three wise men. lol


AWSOMENESS at it's best! laugh


This one is very intresting, i like it. smiley

I like this one, thnx 4 uploading it. Have great day. smiley