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Natasha Romanov is the same physical age as Captain America, yet keeps her youth and vitality due to the Soviet version of the Super Soldier serum that made Captain America the man he is today.

Loving the rifled barrel on a black powder pistol 😉

This wouldmake a trulyawesome Khorne worshipping giant for Age of Sigmar players.

I have an old "Giant" miniature in my bits box that is just screaming to be converted, and this image (Which I originally saw on Artstation) has got the old grey cells buzzing with inspiration 🙂

Is it just my aging eyesight, or does this look like Nightwing (Dick Grayson, Batman's first Robin protoge) taking on the police?

I know during the 52 event, Nightwing became a part-time criminal at one point, before later becoming the next Batman after the Battle For The Cowl storyline.

Is this Slave 2, the craft Boba Fett replaced Slave 1 with after escaping the Sarlacc Pit? I read the book, "Tales From Jabba's Palace", and there's no actual description of Slave 2, just that Fett had a new ship to replace Slave 1.

THIS I just HAVE to build as a special project, using some aquarium ornaments for the buildings on the shoulders. This is truly inspiring 🙂

I've had the ornaments for some time, wondering what to do with them to make them stand out, and now, after seeing this image, I know how to use them to make something that will make everyone take a step back when they see it on the table top.

This site has inspired so many projects for my wargame army of Giants/Golems/Elementals that I've now stopped buying figures, and just make my own after looking at all these beautiful pictures that people post here.

You all have my heartfelt thanks, as you've challenged my skills and creativity beyond measure, made me a MUCH better model maker, and an even better person in my own self due to all the work I have done on my hobby and myself as a result.

This site and Pinterest are my addiction now, and every day brings more wonder and magic into my life.

Thank you all.

This must be the Falcon on her test flight, as she's much too clean to be in Solo's possession 🙂

This reminds me a little of the South African sci-fi novel "Zoo City" by Lauren Beukes, where people with guilty consciences and criminals manifest animal "familiars" to carry around with them. 

Seriously good book, also "Moxy Land" by the same author.

This is blasphemy!!!!

I now have the sudden urge to wash my eyes out with ammonia.

This has now twisted my fragile, little mind.

The horror.

The Horror!!!!