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Thank you, my new desktop. yes Very nice.

Dark and beautiful, awesome yes

This is awesome art, love it yes

Awesome art work, love it heart

Beautiful dark art yes

I like the red eyes on the horses, very nice art yes

Absolutely love this smiley

Just amazing art smiley

I agree although being dark it still shows a softer emotion to it, very nice indeed smiley

A pathetic movie but I like the art work laugh

The women behind the mask, beautiful yes

Absolutely amazing art work, l like black as well. yes

Awesome, great detail in his face. smiley

Cool, he's a hero from the wildstorm universecool

Great artwork yes

Necromancer, who can summon spirits, a bit like me, for I can see spirits but I don't use them for evil. Very nice art.

Excellent smiley

Yes it has a beautiful flow, nice upload.

OMG Indeed, yes its awesome

I agree with what JerseyGirl said, it is very beautiful

Yes I like this one, thankyou. yesPS