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Es una obra maestra esta genial

You're Welcome🙂


Thanks Sharon, I put neon in the name😃

Thank you my friend 🙂

Pretty pink

All these neon colors stand out so great against the black.  Beautiful

Thanks Sharon🙂

Great Job!

when i saw this i was like" THIS IS WHAT WE CALL FRIENDS"



Here the new link for your wallpaper :

Hi, how are you? could you please make a wallpaper with the name wille, i think it's a beautiful and very different name

These are the X-Men I grew up with in comics from the late 1960's and through the 1970's, before they mutated them even further, and changed their appearance. The original and best :-)

Now THIS is a "mobile home" I'd be more than happy to live in😃AWESOME image!!!!!

I have the perfect converted 25 mm fantasy Elf that would do justice to this images' flesh tones and clothing colour scheme. Painting in shades of black & grey can be truly beautiful when done well, so I'm going to give it a go for myself now😃


Nice Work



There's always time for a party 👍


Love this Wiccan, Witch, Halloween Yeah 👊


Love it!


haha awesome idea!😄

I have some Infinity miniatures, and this paint scheme would make them really stand out on the table top, as well as in my display cabinets😃

To be perfectly honest, the Black Panther has always been one of my favourite Marvel Comics Characters. 

Are these pictures from Tarot Cards?