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If only ther was even an animated 3D chess game for PC. Awesome! 😃

🙂 nice

I would love to know if anyone else knows of other art similar to this 🙂

This is pretty much how I survive sometimes 🙂


I love the spacy background too - it's an awesome art piece.

Very nice love the spacy background

I really love how tough this dragon looks. Too many dragons don't look like they would put up a fight but this one definitely does.

Love KK's work

I Love B&W Pencil and Charcoal pix. I have a large collection I'm going to post here also.

I can't even tell what this is supposed to be it's so washed out?

lol 😃

beautiful work 🙂

beautiful 😉


Looks very epic, haha. Awesome picture