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Ozen by summer_525528

Ozen by summer_525528
Artist: summer_525528
Discovered By: Olimar_Putin
Recently Favorited By:  JerseyGirl
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Wild_King commented: Man, that awesome!!! I register just because want to comment this and say: "That AWESOME!" I don't see your art on other sites... Like PIXIV, Deviant art and others. I think there your work would be popular! Anyway thanks for art (Especially made in abyss.) Sorry I suck at English. 😃 Наверно звучало слишком вызывающе... И ладно. СПАСИБО! И привет из России.   6 years ago
Olimar_Putin commented: I am not the maker. The maker is here   Я не производитель. Производитель здесь 6 years ago
 Olimar_Putin captioned: Ozen 6 years ago
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