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Elemental Angel

Elemental Angel
Discovered By: SweetWitchy
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MavericRed commented: Love this! 12 years ago
ugn2010 commented: You drew this? Is amazing.Let me tell you a secret. One year ago I started to write a story. In that story appears a character named "Zid", and that character is identical to your drawing. Same hair color and hairstyle very similar, dress a black coat (but he doesn't dress tie or vest). Yes, has wings (but he is not an angel) and powers (energy blasts, etc.). Well, one day I was writting and chatting with a friend when suddenly he shared a link of a YouTube video. In that video (which was sadly removed ?:^(  ) appears your drawing, and he said to me: "looks a lot like Zid". I was fascinated and amazed... Someone had inadvertently drawn my character (or a character very similar in appareance)!Since that day I looked for who was the artist responsible for this work of art. Now I know it was you, and I want to thank you. 11 years ago
Susanlu4esm commented: I love it 4 years ago
 SweetWitchy captioned: Elemental Angel 12 years ago
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