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Gabriel concept by kasia88

Gabriel concept by kasia88
Artist: kasia88

Additional Info from kasia88: A full body shot of Gabriel for my portfolio. I had this idea that he needs an air filter due to high pollution, perhaps developed intolerance for outside air, and yet he can't win with his addiction to smoking. No need to take of the mask, just stick a cigarette up the 'nostril' and he's good to go. I'm still pondering over personality and purpose. So far I gave him a role of a body guard and an assistant in researching/finding suitable place to establish a colony. Just for the sake of playing around. Gabriel, design is © 2011 Katarzyna Zalecka Please Do NOT repost, trace, alter or redistribute or use the artwork or character in any other form, thank you.
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Admin Phaethon commented: Hey kasia88 - I love this piece! The pollution and addiction themes are wonderful 🙂 11 years ago