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Spider-Man: Back in Black Art

Spider-Man: Back in Black Art
Discovered By: TorinoGT

Additional Info from TorinoGT:

"Spider-Man: Back in Black" is a five-part 2007 Marvel Comics storyline written by J. Michael Straczynski and illustrated by Ron Garney (penciler), Bill Reinhold (inker), Matt Milla (colorist) and VC's Cory Petit (letterer). All parts were published in the comic book series The Amazing Spider-Man #539-543. The story takes place immediately after Marvel's Civil War event and depicts what happened to Spider-ManMary Jane Watson, and Aunt May during and after the event. The story is about Spider-Man's anger and determination to find Aunt May's shooter. Hence, he wears the black suit, modeled after the alien symbiote, to emphasize his humorless aggression. He is often seen in action without his mask on, as well, showing his rage and thirst for vengeance.

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