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Mindy Minion by Tao247

Mindy Minion by Tao247
Artist: Tao247

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New series 1 of TBA:


As a recent graduate of MIT (Minion-In-Training), this little doll now posses all the necessary capabilities of executing some of the most excruciating torments known only unto the ethereal realms. Her specialty lies in disembowelment, but she really prefers not to limit herself to any stereotypical formalities, as plenty of unexplored possibilities continue to exist within the unknown universe. Her rather veracious sexual appetite has been held at bay for the last few eons while she has chosen to pursue her education for betterment of her own most natural-born of abilities. Indicative of one ready to sow their wild oats, her only hint is a set of rather mammoth, milk-fed and brimstone-forged appendages that stem from either side of her most deceptively, beautiful head. Now that school has concluded, and she has obtained her doctorate in destruction and degradation, she now prefers to spend her evenings prowling for “studies” of her own to shape into a new and more lucrative future for the nether regions of the darker areas of existence. Beware...At all costs...She is quite ravenous!!!

Mixed media on paper


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