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Diana The Demoness by Tao247

Diana The Demoness by Tao247
Artist: Tao247
Discovered By: Tao247

Additional Info from Tao247:

 Series #2 of TBA:  Mixed media on Crescent Board (15" x 20")



Diana The Demoness: Allow not the more mature nature and somewhat calmer demeanor of this most voluptuous of the sultry underworld to claim you at bay. Her patience has only come by way of virtuous acquisition. Due to the necessity of continued existence among the more advanced and cut-throat of the cusping business underworld. She remains quite the capable companion, always at the ready should any unexpectedness arise. She remains rather well versed in the ways of her own continuance a all costs...If need be. She keeps her composure very well, but will not hesitate in the least (if confronted) to pursue the quickest and most effective ways of dispatching any who dare to rise against her. Among her most preferred methods...A quick and concise, buttery-smooth slicing motion with the highly polished, professionally manicured nails of her non calloused and pampered business woman hands thus causing a complete and utter decapitation of her vanquished. The weary know (all too well) to grant her a respectable distance just by the very essence of her dominating composure...She is very commanding, effectively getting her desired results either by force of will alone or (if pressed) by sheer all-encompassing extinguishment of anything not already present in her portfolio...Afterall, it is a fiercely competitive professional market!

Mixed media on crescent board


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JerseyGirl commented: again your captivating eyes stand out to perfection.  An Excellent Piece of ART 5 years ago
 Tao247 captioned: Diana The Demoness 7 years ago
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